Expert in Security - Logistics - Risk areas

David est retraité militaire depuis avril 2014. Il a fait une carrière de 30 ans (13 dans les Services Spéciaux), dont 15 ans à l’étranger et dans les territoires d’outre-mer. Il a servi en Allemagne, à Djibouti, en Nouvelle Calédonie, en Guadeloupe, au Tchad, en Centrafrique, en Irak, en Arabie Saoudite, en Guinée. Au cours de sa carrière il aura effectué plusieurs métiers, administration du personnel, comptabilité, formateur, sécurité et diplomatie au sein d’une Ambassade.

Since leaving the institution, he has worked in the private sector, in Guinea and in Dakar where he is currently based. He worked as a trainer for the Guinean Police with Société Générale d'Afrique, then for the WFP (World Food Program) as Senior Administration Officer, in Guinea Conakry, during the Ebola crisis, where he was responsible for the creation of a WFP office in the town of Guékédou (Forest Guinea). He was responsible for the creation of a working office, a Guest House and a storage area for WFP food products for distribution to the local population.

After this rich experience, he worked for the social research firm INSUCO in Guinea Conakry where he held the position of Logistics Director.

David then joined the ORYX team in 2017 where he served as Administrative, Financial, Security and Logistics Manager. Since 2020, David has been mainly responsible for safety on Oryx projects, a role that is becoming increasingly important and necessary given the office's missions in high-risk countries. He trains the teams on the Health and Safety Plan before the field deployment, ensures a contextualization of the Health and Safety Plan (AMARANTE focal point), a watch on the evolution of the security situation throughout the project and a daily follow-up of the teams in the field by the application of our travel control procedures.

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