About us

For social inclusion and conservation

Adapted to the services of environmental conservation and community dynamics, Oryx Expertise brings together the cutting-edge skills needed to integrate structuring projects into their natural and human ecosystems.

Who are we ?

The Oryx expertise group was built thanks to the association of many international experts, all working for many years in scientific research, environmental management, support to the rural world and integrated management of remarkable environments.

We offer a high level of expertise in line with the most demanding intervention standards (IFC/WB/EU/AFD/ADB).

This level of excellence is used by Oryx Expertise for major infrastructure projects in the mining, agro-industrial, energy and port sectors, as well as for international development cooperation programmes, and particularly for the decentralised project management of states and donors.

Our interventions are adapted to the stakes and needs of each project, relying on a network of locations and territorial representations, making Oryx Expertise: "a local partner with international skills".

  • Respect: Whatever the circumstances, our team is committed to respecting international, national and local laws and professional codes of practice that apply to our activities, wherever they may be. Respect is for human rights, the environment and health, which we do not compromise in our services around the world.
  • Integrity - fraud and corruption: It is crucial to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest or any form of corruption. Based on this principle, we attach the utmost importance to exemplary behavior.
  • CSR Ethics: We respect the natural environment, the social environment and the rural development of the areas in which we operate and maintain a regular and open dialogue with stakeholders.

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