Ibrahima Khalil BALDE

Expert ecologist - Camera trap - Database management

Ibrahima is a Guinean expert, a water and forestry engineer, specialized in wildlife. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in biological inventories conducted as part of ESIAs and BMPs of mining projects or other infrastructures (dams, photovoltaic sites, roads, ports, logging concessions, etc.) in Africa. He has worked on major mining projects such as Simandou, Nimba, GAC, CBG, Alufer, AMC, Humingbird, SRG Graphite, etc., but also in Senegal on the perimeters of the gold mining permits of Boto, Sabodala and Massawa, in Gabon on logging concessions, as well as in various French-speaking African countries.

As a staff member of Oryx, he conducts field surveys on mammals with a specialization on great apes, camera trapping and genetic analysis. He has an excellent approach to the field and an ability to supervise teams in difficult geographical contexts. He is an important internal resource for complex missions in forest areas in particular.

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