Marjorie PATRY

Director of Environment Projects

Marjorie PATRY holds a master's degree in "Ecology-Biodiversity-Evolution" from the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay, delivered in collaboration with the University of Paris-Sud 11, the Pierre and Marie Curie University, the National Museum of Natural History, AgroParisTech and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. Marjorie has been working for 10 years on environmental impact studies of large projects in France (methanization unit, hydrogen power plant, urban extension, etc.) and internationally (hydroelectric dams, solar power plants, wind farms and electric transmission lines) where she developed her skills in impact analysis on the natural environment (physical and biological) and in analysis of critical/essential habitats (IFC, BM/AFD and BAD standards) and ecosystem services. She also has expertise in ecological engineering, invasive species management and wetland compensation/restoration. Through the environmental impact assessments she has participated in, Marjorie has worked in sensitive biodiversity contexts (wetlands and Ramsar areas, dense forest areas, National Park, etc.).

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