Land Expert

Rémi holds a DEA in Urban Planning and Management of Space and Decentralization. He has been working in West Africa for nearly 10 years on issues of territorial planning, land management of rural and environmental development projects. His expertise is proven in the treatment of land issues on projects (ESIA, RAP, etc.), methodology, analysis, etc. ... he has therefore a perfect knowledge of the issue of land and community sharing of uses.

Rémi is an expert in land policy support and institutional support/local development in rural areas. He holds a Master's degree in economic and social administration, a DESS in local government administration and a DEA in urban planning, land management and decentralization.

He has 28 years of professional experience, the first 22 of which were shared between activities within the French Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Housing, as well as cooperation positions in Cameroon, Madagascar and Tunisia on issues related to decentralization and rural land.

He now leads Oryx's activities in the framework of interventions related to land issues and local development/decentralization on the African continent, particularly through evaluation and diagnostic missions of projects or feasibility studies.

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