Boto Community Development Strategy

  • Name of the project : Boto-IAMGOLD Community Economic Development Strategy
  • Client : IAMGOLD BOTO S.A
  • place : Senegal

Project summary

Studies corresponding to the three different components necessary for the dynamization and involvement of the local, even regional, socio-economic system, throughout the duration of the mining operation of the company IAMGOLD BOTO S.A., in order to leave a lasting legacy at the end of the project.

This study consisted of:

- Consolidate the Community Development Strategy over the long term

- Scoping study of the local economic development program

- Carry out the urban infrastructure development study as part of the implementation of the strategy to improve the supply of housing available in the region for employees

- Elaborate the long-term investment strategy by identifying the financial levers for the implementation of the different plans and strategies for the development of infrastructures or the support/strengthening of the local organization.

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